Working within a Community

To log into LIVE go to http://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/ and click upon the myUniHub tab (far right), then use your ad login (username = name followed by a number i.e. david71)

Please remember that we are now working within a live system, all editions will be made in realtime and will be viewable by students immediately.

Guidance explaining about the creation of communities and steps to be taken relating to Layouts, logos, portlets and Themes.

this file explains the layout of communities and offers guidance as to the use of certain portlets.

Community build videos

Creating a Community Stage 1 Adding portlets:

Creating a Community Stage 2 adding a layout

Creating a Community Stage 3 adding content to portlets

Creating a Community Stage 4 adding extra pages

Creating a Community stage 5 applying the MDX theme

External widgets and tools




Videas can be embedded from Youtube, vimeo or mdxplay.


Below you will find training material pertinent to the construction and upkeep of Communities within myUniHub.

You may also find it useful to refer back to this material throughout the ongoing creation and upkeep process.

Training Plan:

Training Manual:

Training Slides:

Communities Working Timeline: