Volume 2, Number 1, December 2012

Middlesex Journal of Educational Technology

In Memoriam Alex Moon (1970 - 2010), the founding editor of the journal.

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by Agi Ryder, Steve Chilton
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iPadagogy Projects

Examples of Ways of Working Away from the Desk with an iPad: Strengths and Limitations
by Stephen Nunn and Nollaig Frost
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Using iMmediate Video Feedback
by Phil Barter
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My iPad and i
by Ellie Franklin
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Using an Old Technology in a New Way or Using a New Technology in an Old Way? Exploring the Use of Audio Feedback Post- Teaching Observation by Carole L Davis and Agi Ryder
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Work in Progress

Towards the Development of a Mobile Learning Model for Smartphones Using Stakeholders’ Analysis
by Evangelos Moustakas and Isabel Pinto Oliveira
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Creating an Integrated Online Learning Module for Information Literacy, Academic Writing and Communication Skills: a Case Study
by Adam Edwards
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