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Technical Requirements and Preparation of Scripts

      1. Full Papers may be between 2000 - 5000 words in length including figures, references and appendices. The Abstract should be between 200-500 words in length.
        • Research initiatives notes (2000 words maximum) . The Abstract should be between 100-200 words in length.
        • Conference and book reviews (1500 words maximum)
        • Software and and technology reviews (1500 words maximum)
      2. Papers must have been closely checked for typographical and grammatical errors. Spelling should follow the Oxford English Dictionary.
      3. The Harvard referencing convention is a requirement, i.e. within the body of the text the surname and year of the reference, for example (Smith 2002), and then at the end of the paper the references should be listed alphabetically as follows:
        • Nugus, S. (1999) Financial Planning with Spreadsheets, Kogan Page, London, pp160-165.
        • Nugus, S (1999) "Successful Web marketing techniques", Journal of Web Marketing, Vol 1, No.1, pp1-4.
        • Nugus, S. (2002) "Successful Website Evaluation", [online], MCIL,
        • Please ensure that references are complete, i.e. that they include, where relevant, author’s name, article or book title, volume and issue number, publisher, date and page reference. End notes and footnotes are not accepted. All material/works cited in the article need to be included in an alphabetical reference list at the end.
      4. Tables, graphs and illustrations should be drawn using a suitable drawing package. Colour may be used. Place all diagrams and tables where you wish them to appear in the paper. Ensure your diagrams fit within the margins and are resizable without distortion. Figure numbers should be shown as Arabic numerals, table numbers as Latin numerals.
      5. Headings and sub-headings should be clearly distinguished.
      6. Papers should be submitted as a .doc or .rtf attachment using the online submission form. Please do not over-format the manuscript with the word-processor as this impedes the publication process. Manuscripts must not be sent in .pdf format, and should not be zipped.
      7. Copyright. It is the authors' responsibility to obtain written permission to quote material that has appeared in another publication. Overall copyright ownership of the paper, remains with the author/s. All contributions should be original.
      8. The author's name and affiliation should appear at the beginning of the article. This should be followed by a short description of their current position and research/teaching interests.
      9. Proofs will be sent in PDF format to the main author and should be corrected and returned immediately to the Editors. Contributors will be notified when the article has been published on the Journal's website.

Submit paper to journal for peer review and publication subject to review and editor approval