Text Messaging

The University has been piloting text messaging as a way of communicating with students.

What is it?

The online text messaging application allows you to send and receive instant text messages from your computer to an individual or a group of students.
You can send messages for as little as 4-10 p per message or receive messages from your students.

Who is using this at the University?

1. Learning Resources has been using Txttools/ Edutxt to communicate with students. The Webhelpdesk has used it to communicate with students, for example to issue appointment reminders to students about LR workshop bookings, appointments with subject librarians, and with ELLS language and dyslexia tutors. Students can also text back if they need to cancel one of these appointments.

[[http://webhelpdesk.mdx.ac.uk/txt-info.html |http://webhelpdesk.mdx.ac.uk/txt-info.html]]

2. Evangelos Moustakas a Marketing lecturer in the business School has used texting with his students as part of his e-commerce module [more info!!!]

3. the University's Marketing and computing departments have also ran pilots to use texting to communicate with students
For more information please contact Sarah Birdsall at S.Birdsall@mdx.ac.uk (Marketing) and Roger Fox at R.Fox@mdx.ac.uk (CCSS)

4. Caroline Reid [more info]
They have used it as part of the JISC funded ... project on audio feedback for dissertation students...

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