Curious about what Second Life is and how people use virtual worlds in education?

The e-learning research team is organising workshops for academics to introduce them to Second Life and to its educational potential. The session will introduce you to some examples of how Second Life is used in education and will give you a basic introduction to how to create your online avatar and navigate in this virtual world.

Please book a place on one of the sessions by emailing Agi Ryder (agi1 @ or David Westwood (d.westwood @

This page contains resources used for the workshops and links to relevant places in Second Life visited during the workshop.

Videos introducing Second Life and its uses within Education.

Introduction to Second Life:
Education within Second Life:
Science teaching in S.L.:

'Getting started in Second Life' guides

Slurls of top educational areas within Second Life

A Slurl ( Second Life URL) is an in-world link to a specific area or place. To use these first have Second life open and your avatar logged in, next click the below link (this will open in a new tab or window). Click 'teleport now' upon the newly visible map. Finally agree the teleport on your second life viewer.