Currently Middlesex University island is under construction. The plan is to partition the island into a number of separate 'parcels' . This division will allow a number of different projects to be run collaboratively upon the single island. The plan currently is to divide the island into 6 parcels: A central landing and information resource; An area for the Library & learning resources; An area in which a freely usable lecture theatre and seminar room will be housed; One area for the ongoing development of work between Noha and George; and 2 areas for projects. These areas will now briefly be outlined below.

Central Landing area: An area onto which all newcomers will land. This will be welcoming and in keeping with the universities ethos of forward thinking in a diverse and open environment. Housed here will be maps, information regarding the island and teleport points to the other parcels. This area will act as a hub for the rest of the island, it will be clean, coherent and relaxed in order to allow new and old visitors alike to feel welcome upon the island.

Library & Learning resources: An area close to the main hub upon which the library will be able to develop a presence and resources.

Lecture Theatre and Seminar room: freely usable rooms which will be available for booking through the CLQE, e-learning research and innovations team.

Noha and George's area: This will be a closed parcel upon which a PhD student is currently developing and researching the architectural design of buildings for educational use within Second Life.

Project areas: Two areas will be open for the development of collaborative, problem based, education scenarios or buildings. If you would like to discuss the possibility of building upon one of these two parcels please contact the e-learning research and innovations team by emailing

This Parceling and partitioning is planned to happen sometime towards the end of November so please do contact us soon regarding collaboration and project ideas.