Middlesex medical Image Repository with a CBIR ArchivinG Environment

Middlesex University (MU) is aiming to develop a repository of medical images benefiting MSc and
research students in the immediate term and serve a wider community in the long term in providing a
rich supply of medical images for data mining, to complement MU current online e-learning system,
OASIS+. The repository will address the problem of current text-based image retrieval systems and will
facilitate both text-based and content-based retrieval (CBIR), providing a level of semantic search, and
will be built on the collections from preceding research projects and the existing server. The
techniques to be applied include adopting existing standards of JISC, webpage technology, OASIS,
and open sources, such as SCORM, to ensure the developed repository being compatible with the
other existing e-learning and teaching systems. The system will be evaluated through its use on an
MSc programme in Biomedical Modelling and Informatics and will then be made available more widely
across the University and the UK HE sector. The project has its own wiki click here