Broadening Access by Reducing Dependence on IP Connectivity

Further development of a module ICT for Academic Study to incorporate recorded sessions and use mobile technology to facilitate synchronous communication, all bundled into a SCORM package. ICT for Academic Study was written using the OLA that are used in the Business School. This means all of their materials are collated inside one document (using word) . This runs through computer programmes we have written which generates all of their webpages in a format that looks clearly structured and professional . We aim to now embed recorded video and audio within the SCORM material and use rss feeds to transfer upto date information and develop our scripts to allow us to produce SCORM (which is a standard format) compliant blocks of material that would be transferable between different VLEs, or run within a stand alone player. We may increase the use of both live and recorded video using web technology (breeze). The scorm compliant materials that we can generate from templates could be provided with free viewing software on a CD or preferably to download once only from a website and then provided locally on a network or local website for students. This could even be run on a stand-alone computer if need be. The catch would be developing assessment tools and discussion facilities. We will also be investigating how we can use mobile phones in some of the group coursework. These are not insurmountable problems and Internet free solutions could be developed with perhaps some compromises. The use of the Internet will still be needed at times but these could be minimised so that most of the student learning is self-contained but using the content We produce for uk students in oasisplus so material remains up to date and we don't start increasing maintenance costs or workloads. The advantages of adopting this kind of approach will be a reduction in the dependence on the VLE for overseas provision and allow the University to potentially market courses in areas where Internet connections are erratic, slow or even unavailable or where the profit available is too low to make infrastructure investment plausible.