eLearning Research and Initiatives Wiki and Portal

Purpose of the e-learning research portal

The primary aim is to provide a focal point for staff to show what research and /or innovations they are doing, seek colleagues interested in collaborating and provide a research resource that everybody can contribute to in order to encourage e-learning research! In order to facilitate this there are several areas to the portal and most are open to contributions from all interested staff. These include :
  1. Online e-learning research and initiatives newsletter and funding information (open to contributions from all staff)
  2. Middlesex Journal of Educational Technology
  3. Separate wiki pages for established initiatives

E-learning research and innovation website and initiatives portal encouraging cross University collaboration and dissemination of internal e-learning initiatives - please contribute - everybody welcome!

Any questions please feel free to email, Agi Ryder (agi1 @mdx.ac.uk).

Educational Research and Innovations team

The principal aim of our team is to investigate new technology and methods of teaching online and investigate successful e-learning practice. The team will research and develop learning technologies and online pedagogic research and its application to teaching within Middlesex University and report on positive findings in both external and internal avenues. The team has major responsibility for the planning and development of online learning research projects. Most of this work is focussed around long-term technological and pedagogic development and its implementation. We provide and encourage innovation and facilitate development of practical and theoretical work on e-learning pedagogy and technology and effect their integration into Middlesex' e-learning practice. We aim to create opportunities for all staff (academic, technical and support) to identify and share best practice, ideas and experiences of using learning technologies and to facilitate new e-learning collaboration initiatives.

Who we are

  • Agi Ryder (Senior Research Fellow)
    I have a leading role in the research and development of learning technologies, online pedagogic approaches and the promotion of their application to learning and teaching within Middlesex University. My research interests are: learning in virtual worlds, games in education, audio feedback, e-assessment, innovations and creativity in HE. I’m currently finishing my Doctorate in Education at King’s College, London.
  • Deeba Parmar (Senior Research Fellow)