Funding Opportunities

External Funding Opportunities

The following are possible funding sources although for this year deadlines may have expired.

SEDA Run a joint Educational Development Research Network with the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE). The SEDA Research Committee aim to promote research and scholarship in staff and educational development as a means of bringing about better understanding of, and further improvements in, our practices. The Research Committee is made up of representatives from many of SEDA’s activities as well as other organisations and individuals with an interest in similar areas – ALT, ILTHE, SRHE, LTSN Generic and Subject Centres and the NTFS. The Research Committee has the responsibility of administering the SEDA Research and Development Small Grants with an emphasis on scholarship and research in staff and educational development.

Becta Research Grants are intended for self-contained research grants in the area of technology for learning, and in support of the Harnessing Technology strategy. Their main purpose is to meet the cost of research assistance, research materials, data collection and analysis, and travel and subsistence in this country and overseas.

Eduserv funds a range of studies and projects through the Eduserv Research Programme.

JISC Learning and teaching innovation grants
The Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants programme supports one year projects of up to £50,000 each dealing with any aspect of e-learning. It is an open rolling call, with multiple submission deadlines available.