What is Second Life?

Second Life is a 3D multi user virtual world available to anyone with a web connection. It is unique in that almost all of the content available within Second Life is user generated. This allows for the generation of many wide reaching and wonderful areas or 'sims' within Second Life.

How to get started with Second Life?

First you need to create an account as well as an online representation of yourself - an avatar. This avatar is the 'vehicle' through which an individual leads their 'life' in Second Life. Avatars (and the choice of in world name) are an interesting and important representation of the offline individual and subsequently the way they wish to be perceived. Remember when designing your avatar and choosing its name that first impressions are even more important in the fast paced world of Second Life. Freddy Krueger possibly isn't the best name for an aspiring Second Life educator.

Once in world the new user will find themselves upon Orientation Island. This area is a tutorial section designed to help the new user find their feet (and voice) within Second Life. Take some time to wander around orientation island and to absorb the knowledge and tips contained there (Once you leave this island it is not possible to return).

Upon leaving Orientation island you are free to explore the vast user generated and exciting world of Second Life. Within this multi user virtual world you will find street vendors, shops, museums, art galleries, night clubs, offices of many highly established real world companies and over 150 academic and educational establishments.

Second Life is currently being used as a massive educational tool, allowing students all over the world to experience and learn within environments un-reachable within the real world. Examples include: 1900's Paris, Le Louvre, The Pyramids, medieval villages, Darfur and the Sudan, Space museums, and even a Dinosaur park. The opportunities for new experiences within Second Life are massive and so is the opportunity to learn.

Learn more about Second Life and Lidnon Lab at http://secondlife.com/

Visit Middlesex University in Second Life at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Middlesex%20University/128/128/31